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The FallenWhen social worker Anna Ward finds herself in a dangerous hostage situation, she’s forced to accept help from the one source she’s vowed never to trust again—an officer of the law. 

Ten years ago, a dirty cop railroaded her sister for murder, condemning her to life in prison and Anna to a lifetime of regrets and loneliness.  To Anna, the shield Ray Fitzpatrick wears so proudly represents planted evidence and coerced witnesses.  To Ray it means what it says: to serve and protect, even someone as wrong-headed as Anna.

Anna is determined to keep Ray at arm’s length, but when new evidence surfaces in her sister’s case, she’s forced to reevaluate everything, including her feelings for Ray.  He’s won her heart, but faced with his own crisis, can she trust him to do the right thing?  

The Fallen
Sometimes the good guys do win…

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