How The Walking Dead Made Me Want Chocolate Pudding

I’m closing in on the final episodes of Season Five in the Walking Dead television series. walking dead 2 Even though I’m a big zombie fan, I gave up watching the series after the first season. I wasn’t impressed. But Amanda Stevens told me it got better after the first season. Since she is the queen of all Scary Things I kept going.

And it has turned out to be a very entertaining show. Needless to say, there’s plenty of gore and guts, but the characters are the real reason I keep watching. They’ve grown and changed with each season, chandler_riggs_frank_ockenfels_3-amc_-_p_2016especially Carl, the young son of the main character, ex-Sheriff Rick Grimes, aka Officer Friendly, Officer Hunk, and now Officer Let’s-Freak-Out-and-Kill-Someone.

I am rarely brought to tears by anything, much less what I read, write or watch. My husband calls me Hard-Hearted Hannah. But I have a confession to make. In Season Four, which is the best in my opinion, an episode comes near the end when Carl thinks his dad is close to dying. During a scavenger trip to find food, Carl discovers a cafeteria-size can of chocolate pudding. He takes the can to the safest place he can find, the roof of a porch, opens it and digs in. All by himself.

This is where I cried. Kids shouldn’t have to go through terrible things like Zombie Apocalypses where they have to forage for something to eat and kill bloody monsters with a stab to the head, and nothing brought this home to me as much as this one simple scene.

For years I’ve heard “Tell, don’t show.” I tried to take the advice to heart and still do after forty plus books, but nothing made me understand that as perfectly as this one scene. It also made me hungry for chocolate pudding so Sunday I made two different batches to see which one I liked better. chocolate puddingThis one’s from Tyler Florence. The second one I tried was from Smitten Kitten. I’m pretty sure Carl would have approved of either one. In fact, I’m pretty sure he would have eaten both bowls and licked them clean. All by himself.