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Kay David went through second grade without speaking a word.  Since then, she hasn’t shut up.


Born in a small town south of Houston, Kay spent her childhood in a very ordinary way, but then the family moved.  To another small town right up the road. Somehow that one just didn’t feel right, at least to her seven-year-old brain, and she refused to speak to anyone at her new school for an entire year.


Known as selective mutism, the decision of a child to talk in one situation but not in another is usually due to anxiety.  Kay’s father called it stubbornness, and although Kay tended to agree with him she didn’t tell him. Obviously. Her mother, employing one of her typically elegant solutions, didn’t call it anything.  Instead, she wrote Kay a note, every day, and put it in her lunch box so she wouldn’t feel lonely in the cafeteria at noon.  It’s hard to make friends when you don’t speak.


The problem resolved itself, as many do, and by third grade, she was talking away.  And reading.  And reading.


By high school she was also writing.  Editor of the school newspaper for three years, she also wrote a column for the local paper.  Attending the University of Houston at Clear Lake, Kay obtained two bachelor’s degrees, the first literature and a second in computer engineering.  Her master’s degree is in behavioral science.


Since that time, Kay has enjoyed an assortment of careers including time at NASA, a stint at home building, and working as a designer of fine jewelry.


Writing full time, she has sold over forty romantic suspense novels to a variety of publishers, including Harlequin Superromance.  Her first Entangled Ignite novel was released April, 2013 and reached the top ten of Amazon’s series romances.


She currently splits her time between Texas and the Florida panhandle with her husband and her two Bengal cats, Gus and Lily Belle.  She loves to read.

And she talks.  A lot.

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