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 Swept Away

Charlotte Huntington can’t decide if the heat of the Florida sun or the sight of Sam Gibson’s muscular body sprawled in the sand makes her pass out but it hardly matters because the end result is the same. When she revives, she’s in his arms with half her clothes off.


This isn’t part of Charlotte’s plan and she plans everything, including her climb up the corporate ladder. She works for the bank that’s about to sell its half of Safe Harbor, the dilapidated condo project in which Sam has invested, and a successful renovation of the property will take her straight to the top. That's her plan.  


Sam plans, too.  He plans on having fun.  Now that he’s out of the military, his time belongs to no one but himself. He can spend it helping the pensioners who are his renters—and his second family—or do absolutely nothing at all. Painting, plumbing and punch lists are low on his list of activities. Drinking, relaxing and listening to the waves are his priorities.


Too different to agree but too much in love to quit, Sam and Charlotte find themselves in a situation neither ever expected. Should they follow their hearts or their plans? Before they can decide, they’re both swept away…

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