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Romantic horror is your worst nightmare and your favorite fantasy wrapped up in one scary package.  Are you in love with a man or a demon? Is she a real woman or only a ghost? Children are always innocent, or are they?  If you like to be pulled and pushed, scared and comforted, intrigued but repelled, this is the genre for you.

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The Mark 

Coming 2021

When third grade teacher Sarah Engles first met John Pope she was frightened of him.

When she fell in love with him, she was terrified.

Things are never what they seem at the Commonwealth Academy for Extraordinary Students.

Zombie Love

The apocalypse is upon us…

And Texas has fallen, taking everything from Asa Barnes except for the girl he’s sworn to protect. He’d do anything for Hailey, even if it means giving up his own life. But that might not be enough.


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